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Ortal Advantages

Our direct vent gas fireplaces are available worldwide through local authorized distributors. Each fireplace is created to fit exact specifications, making them a distinctive focal point to any room or office.
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Cool Wall Technology

Ortal’s passive Cool Wall Technology keeps the walls surrounding the fireplace cool — even the wall directly above it. This cutting-edge technology encourages the free flow of cool air between the fireplace and its surrounding walls. Our dedication to innovation provides the freedom to hang a flat-screen TV or a beloved work of art directly above a fire.

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170F 2-1

Creative Fireplace Interiors

We make it easy to customize the style of any of our fireplaces. Our wide selection of interior design media includes stone, glass, bricks, panels, and logs and branches. Choose from stylish standard interior elements or customize even more with upgraded options at an additional cost.

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Heat Barrier Solutions

All Ortel glass-enclosed gas fireplace heaters have outermost glass that meets a temperature restriction of 172 degrees Fahrenheit or less. We accomplish this with two innovations: a micro-mesh Screen Heat Barrier, and a Double Glass system. Both solutions maintain Ortal’s signature frameless design, ensuring that your fireplace is completely safe and completely your style.

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150H Front Salt Lake City Screen heat barrier

Fanned Flue Systems

Our fan-assisted, direct-vent modern technology that can move exhaust up to 90 feet away from the fireplace — increasing venting range by more than 15 meters.. The forced air stream has enough power to triple the number of bends in the venting run, making it dramatically more flexible in pipe placement. This makes it possible to install fireplaces in apartments, upstairs rooms, and other once-forbidden spaces. Ortal’s Fanned Flue System uses pipe that can run vertically, horizontally, and downhill.

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Ambient Fireplace Lighting

People around the world are setting the mood with Ortal’s controllable fireplace internal lighting. Whether or not the fireplace is in use, the built-in, recessed lighting gives any space its own mood. When the mood changes, easily control the lighting with a remote control dimmer.

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Direct Vent Technology

Using direct vent technology, Ortal fireplaces take in combustion air from the outside and expel the exhaust outside. The flue uses a convenient co-axial system where the exhaust pipe is nested inside the fresh air intake pipe. The fireplace is sealed from the room using a glass front, so the combustion air is not drawn in from the room and will not affect the air quality inside your home.

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Energy Efficiency

Rethink gas fireplace efficiency. Ortal is recognized globally as an innovator, using a unique burner design that ensures the cleanest possible use of gas — combining optimal warmth and heating savings. This energy-efficient technology enhances the fireplace experience while protecting the environment.

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Smarthome Control

Fireplace access at your fingertips. Ortal fireplace home automation proudly uses the Mertik SYMAX system, which allows the fireplace to be controlled on a mobile device using Wi-Fi with the use of the MyFire app. All controls are configured during setup with a centralized home automation system.

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170F 1-2-8 smart home-1

Bring Your Design Ideas To Life

Connect with one of our fireplace experts and learn how Ortal can work with your next project.

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